Outlet Quality / Customer Returns
This merchandise consists of outlet quality customer returns that may show signs of slight use or wear. Product sets (including furniture sets) may arrive incomplete. Product may or may not be in the original packaging or may have damaged packaging.

** For Jewelry & Watches ** *As a reminder, all images listed with the auction are "samples" for all lots. Salvage and return condition included.
Overstock Quality
These lots contain items that were at one time available for sale through JCP stores or, but never purchased. This merchandise is in its original packaging (unless otherwise stated) and includes all features as advertised by the manufacturer. These lots may contain discontinued merchandise.
Display Condition
These item consist of display quality merchandise that were used in store. These appliances are non-functioning, and do not have cooling ability. Product may have slight cosmetic damage.
D Grade Quality
Merchandise is highly used and may have slight cosmetic damage. Merchandise may not be in their original packaging and may be missing parts.
Salvage Quality
Merchandise is highly used and damaged. The merchandise may missing several parts and will not be in their original packaging.
Mixed Condition
Merchandise is a mixture of mostly used and salvaged merchandise that can range from salvage, new, mostly new and customer returns. There is a mixture between conditions but it is not guaranteed that you will receive a lot of new product. These lots tend to be uninspected aside from packaging to determine condition. All items are considered uninspected and sold AS-IS. Product sets (including furniture sets) may arrive incomplete. Please note, items originally noted on the manifest may be missing from your lot or arrive damaged.

** For TVs Only ** product does not go through any testing process. Some TVs may have cracked screens or cosmetic damages. The majority of items will be in their original packaging, although the cartons may be damaged and may have accessories missing. Product may or may not be in working condition.
Used Mattresses
Used Mattresses consist of Customer Returns and pick-ups during new sale drop offs. These items may be between 1 day and 3 years old, and may show signs of wear. Original packaging is not guaranteed but may be included for newer returns.

All buyers must abide by and uphold their local laws in reference to reselling, recycling, or disposing of used mattresses.
New Mattresses
New Mattresses are still in original packaging, were either refused on site by customer or canceled before being shipped out. Items may have minor wear and tear from handling and sorting.